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BBA and MBA (3years + 2years)

This is a full-time and per-time graduate and post-graduate programme of the Kanchenjunga institute of Management and technology. This programme aims to mould future managers and business architects who would not only contribute to the corporate world through their impeccable service and leadership, but also address challenges/opportunities in the larger global as well as societal framework with minimal tuition fees ,developing personality of the students according to the corporate needs and focus on placement from day 01. The students graduating from this programme are awarded the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from UGC recognized University.

The first year consists of compulsory foundation courses. The second year consists of a few compulsory courses and several elective courses. The summer internship project is scheduled at the end of the first year. For exposing the students to the simulated vibrant working environment, seminars, group exercises and personality development workshops shall be organized. Experts from different fields be invited to share their experiences with the students. In order to further enhance students’ presentation and negotiation skills, the KIMT Group would offer specializedcommunication / languageprogram.


  • Bachelor in business administration(BBA)[3 years]
  • Master in business administration(MBA)[2 years]


  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospital Management


  1. It provides complete and efficient management practice and skills to the students and tremendous change in personality and life on the whole .
  2. It will equip students with the conceptual and analytical means for understanding business and management that will enable them to progress with the future needs of the working world not simply to cope with the present preoccupations.
  3. Students will learn about the world of business and management and develop the skills to get a good job when they complete the course.
  4. Students will enhance their ability to communicate their ideas and to take responsibility for their learning .
  5. All these skills will be essential once a student enters the world of employment.



  • Management Development programmes
    • Appraisal Techniques for Management
    • Essential Management Skills
    • Fundamentals of Negotiation for Business Success
    • Supervisory Management
  • Communication Skills
    • Presentation Skills
    • Facilitation Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Effective Communication for Technical People
    • Sales Negotiation Skills
    • Team Building Techniques
    • Dealing with Difficult People


KIMT has constituted a Centre for Personality Development for its students. This is a unique concept and goes beyond imparting soft skills training.

At the Centre, the students undergo training in the following aspects: Communication Skills (theory and practicals through language labs), Logical reasoning, quantitative techniques, table etiquettes, personal grooming, interview skills, theatre workshops and many more such aspects.

We have a complete set up in place with external trainers to teach, language labs being set up in the campus and hostel, matrix set up for continuous assessments, formal dinners / lunch planned for table etiquettes. The students are thoroughly enjoying this challenging atmosphere in campus.

The centre for Personality Development compliments our Centre for Sports and Wellness and gives a holistic, all-rounded approach to KIMT’s vision.


The entire model has been developed with a strong view that KIMT students possess the requisite Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. They are not nurtured for one time employment but are thoroughly prepared for continuous employability. This is the basic ideology which helps in achieving a holistic personality.


KIMT strives really hard to create a solid knowledge base for its students. This is made possible with qualified faculty delivering the core curriculum relentlessly. The academic rigor is maintained and it is adaptive to the ever-changing environment. Being an autonomous institute it has the freedom to update and fine-tune the curriculum with regard to market needs.


KIMT also focuses on the ability of action and execution. A student needs to be equipped with reading, writing, presenting and analyzing, among various other functional skills, to perform better. The Personality Enhancement program at KIMT has committed itself to sharpen the requisite skills.


At KIMT a Wellness program is in place to augment good health. There is enough focus on positive thinking, humility, respect for others, continuous learning and personal grooming, which in turn, influences and enhances the attitude of our students.